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Our ancestors were aware of a method of treating wood which has increasingly become forgotten through the course of the centuries and especially with the onset of chemical coatings. We are talking about an extremely simple, naturally sustainable method of permanently protecting wood from the effects of the environment - heat treatment. Wood embellished by this gentle heat treatment takes on a higher dimensional stability and is practically non-susceptible to water - completely impregnated - totally without any coating, into the bargain! Redecker has re-invented this method, previously used only outside (e.g., on patio timbers) for bathroom items.

The wood is “baked” at moderate temperatures of between 180°C and 220°C.  This alters its structure and gives it a beautiful dark brown tone. Its colour and properties now resemble certain tropical timbers. It becomes more rigid and durable and no longer takes in water. In this state, thermowood is distorted only to a minimal degree and does not swell or shrink. This is an old method which we have re-discovered and we use it anywhere wood is constantly exposed to a high level of damp - in the bathroom and in the sauna area. The wood feels and looks good, initially retaining a slight scent of smoke, and it dries much faster than oiled or natural timbers. There is no need for chemical coatings or oil and wax aftertreatments - the heat treatment is, therefore, also environmentally friendly, saves natural resources, is healthy and cuts down the effort required for care.

Natural wood – no chemical treatment

However, the best thing is that the wood requires no further treatment after it has been thermally enhanced. You can completely dispense with oils, wax or lacquer coatings – whereby it is often recommendable to treat the wood with natural oil or wax. The wood is thus sealed whilst remaining breathable and is given an even darker, exotically warm shade. Lightening caused by UV light can also be reduced by treating the wood with the respective oils and waxes.  Incidentally: Thermowood does not stain, even if left to sit on natural stone or other sensitive surfaces (e.g. wash basins, floors) for long periods. We have experimented with various woods for brush production for a long time in order to find a suitable material for our needs, because heat treatment renders Thermowood “brittle” and it can split easily when punched by the bristles: But we have found it, and now almost exclusively use ash for our Thermowood collection because it has prominent grain which becomes all the more striking after thermal treatment (clearly visible in the picture of a massage brush opposite). We are pleased to be able to provide you with an almost complete range of personal hygiene products for the bathroom and sauna in “Thermo” quality: Bath brushes, hair brushes and nail brushes, soap dishes and bath mats.

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