This is how the manual assembly of the inserted hair is done:

The wooden body of the hand sweeper is a two-piece design: the cover has no holes, and the bottom side, into which the broom insert is pulled, has tapered holes. The brush maker also needs a special wire and, of course, the material for the broom insert – shown here is soft goat hair.

First, the wire is guided through the start hole and a loop is made for the first bundle of the goat hair.


The insert material is always held in a wire loop. The right amount of material must always be taken, so that the bunch automatically pulls tightly into the tapered hole. Too much, and the bunch won’t fit in the hole; too little, and the material will fall out.


This results in a pattern on the back of the wooden body that looks like a fabric seam.

The wire loops are always inserted in a specific order. In this way the entire surface of the insert can be covered using a single piece of wire.


When each row is completed the insert material is cut off to form an even edge.


When all of the drill holes are filled and the insert is completed, the wire end is more or less sewn so that it can’t come open. The cover is screwed on and the brush is ready!

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