“Fegen und Kehren soll man ehren” – Sweeping is ... time-honoured, of course! That you have surely discovered long ago. Because you certainly know the worth of a good broom – in the kitchen, workshop and the lounge with its parquet floors. Or don’t you? The ever-present whining of the vacuum cleaner has lead us to forget a little that there are also other (much faster) methods – except on carpets. We expand the catchphrase with scrubbing, scouring, scraping and wiping. No less important! And even so time-honoured.

Pull, not push: This is the right way to sweep

Do not push the broom with force, but pull it to conserve the hair. On occasion you can wash and comb the horsehair, to maintain the quality of sweeping and to remove dirt. Please always store the broom hanging!

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