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The art of polishing shoes has been almost forgotten today, because shoes have become consumer goods in the meantime. However, it is worthwhile to buy good footwear and take good care of it, both for your feet and also – granted in the longer term – for your wallet. Despite that, it is always a pleasure to work with good tools. And you can find those here!

Proper Care of Your Shoes! Take care of your shoes in the right way:

the right way to care for your shoes always depends on the TOP LEATHER OF THE SHOES.

For smooth leather shoes, use clean water and a shoe cleaning brush to remove coarse dirt first. Then stuff them with newspaper and set them out so they can dry evenly, but never near a heater. Next, use the applicator brush to apply shoe polish evenly in a circular motion ± always use the same brush for each color, because shoe polish stains! Allow the moisturizing elements of the shoe polish to soak in for a brief amount of time. Finally, use the polishing brush to polish the shoes and seal and protect the surface. Suede and Nubuk leather should be pre-cleaned in damp condition. If the shoes are dry: rough the leather with brush strokes of the suede or Nubuk brush. Our πRubbel™ is highly recommended for this purpose. It cleans and nourishes suede naturally and gently. Dirt and stains are removed almost like using an eraser. The structure of the suede, the nap, is restored and looks like new. If you take good care of your shoes regularly, you will enjoy them for a long time.

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