75 Years Redecker - a family-owned company

How everything started

How did the Redecker brush company actually start 75 years ago? 

After Friedrich Redecker “senior” started to become blind at the age of four and even operations could not make any real improvement, he was enrolled in the Soest school for the blind, where he received the standard training for the blind of the time: the craft of making brushes. 

Because “Friedel - the boss” has an entrepeneurial spirit, he built up a small company over time, with which he could provide for his wife and three sons. As a passionate chess player he was actively involved in several associations in North Rhine Westphalia. He was highly disciplined and kept on plying his trade until his death at the age of 72.

Was that the end of the brush production?

Lamentably for the “boss” none of  his sons wanted to continue with the trade and the company, but went off into other career directions. When Redecker senior died in 1986, Gernot Redecker, the youngest son, and his wife decided to work off the remaining material and to continue - short-term at first - with the Redecker brush company on their own initiative. Therefore a market stand was set up at the pollack festival in Borgholzhausen to sell off the brooms and brushes. Nobody reckoned with the success: All products were sold out during the first weekend. The Redeckers ordered more material...

So, it did continue...

Other markets and sales successes followed, increasingly on good craft markets, soon beyond the borders of the region. The house cellar served as production workshop and a living room was turned into an office. The first employees were appointed and lunch was enjoyed together in the kitchen.

In the course of the ecological wave of the late eighties, the market sellers soon developed into a small wholesaler. Step by step the cellar was exchanged for a renovated barn, which was exchanged for a newly built office building in the middle of the nineties, warehouse buildings were added and the company grew. 

Attending trade fairs - increasingly also internationally - acted as driving force and still today stimulates not only business relations but also ideas for new products and product areas. This way a true ideas workshop has been established in Versmold where new articles are constantly developed and existing ones improved. In the meantime a shop was opened in nearby Bad Rothenfelde, acting as our own “test market” and providing expertise with regard to product presentation.

Today: A modern third-generation family-owned company

Change and ongoing development have always been good company tradition at Redecker: In January 2009 one of the two children, Felix Redecker, joined the company. The continuation of the “Redecker tradition” into the third generation has been secured...

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